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  • European Agency is considering the merits of using variable VAT rates to promote Environmental Agenda.

    Just like the Government reduces VAT in the UK on items it considers beneficial / essential, Europe is now looking at the possibility of varying VAT rates for Environmental Objectives.  This has to be good news for Reuse, increasing the profile of our great industry and making the products even more affordable.

    Click here to see the full article on the FEAD website.

  • Short explanation of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment recycling (WEEE)


    What does WEEE stand for?

    WEEE stands for Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment.

    What is WEEE? 

    Every year in the UK an estimated that 2 million tons of WEEE items are discarded by companies and householders.  The easiest way to determine what products fall into the WEEE category is by asking yourself two simple questions.

    1. Does it have a plug?
    2. Does it require batteries? 

    In 2006 the WEEE Regulations were set by the original WEEE directive in the UK.  With this came the associated requirements for the recovery, reuse, recycling and treatment of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment.

    The recycling of WEEE products falls under a specialist part of the recycling and waste industry. This sub-sector of the waste industry is one of the fastest growing due to the original WEEE Directive back in 2006.  On the 1st of January 2014 the ‘Waste Electric and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Regulations 2013’ replaced the old regulations.

    WEEE products are currently broken down into ten broad categories within ‘The Waste Electric and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Regulations 2013’ NewLife appliances mainly deals within the first three;

    Large household appliances – washing machines, fridges, cookers, ovens, dishwashers tumble dryers

    1. Small household appliances – toasters, clocks, kettles, irons, hair straighteners
    2. Telecommunications and IT equipment – laptops, calculators, printers, photocopiers, telephones
    3. Lighting equipment – high intensity discharge lamps, fluorescent tubes
    4. Electrical tools – sewing machines, drills, jigsaws, lawnmowers, saws
    5. Sports equipment, leisure and toys – treadmill, games consoles, electric trains
    6. Automatic dispensers – ATMs, hot drinks machines
    7. Consumers equipment – televisions, stereos, cameras, musical instruments, radios
    8. None infected medical equipment – medical freezers, cardiology equipment, dialysis machines
    9. Control, monitoring and safety equipment – smoke alarms, heating regulators, thermostats

    These categories will be extended to cover a greater range of electric and electronic equipment (EEE) from January 2019.









  • Are You Putting Too Much or Too Little Into Your Washing Machine?

    The average drum size for a washing machine is 7kg, they can range from as little as 4kg all the way up to 12kg. However, most people aren’t entirely sure what this means. The tricky part with getting your washing machine load correct is working out the weight. Surprisingly it’s not only overloading that can affect the performance of your wash program. Under loading a washing machine can cause issues to both the washing machine and your cloths.  Here are some pointers on how to correctly load your washing machine.

    Overloading your washing machine

    The temptation to try and achieve your weekly wash in as fewer loads as possible is a very hard one to resist. Although it feels like you’re saving time and that you have beat the system, you will most likely find that the results of your wash are, well, wet and not washed. Even though washing takes very little effort, the thought of having to put an additional load on can be a …huge load on your mind…sorry! Overloading your machine can cause your load to just rotate in one big lump, this prevent the cloths from mixing together which then prevents the detergent from circulating correctly.

    We don’t expect you to weight every item of clothing before you load your machine, going to that much effort you might as well invest in an old tin tub and a clothes mangle.  As a rule of thumb, you should have the drum mostly full, about 80% - leaving about a hand’s width between the top of the drum and the load.   However different fabric types do require different load sizes. Cottons for example, can be put in your machine on maximum load capacity whereas most other fabrics should be less. Silks for example, should be no more than 1kg per load and on a specifically designed silk machine program, this will prevent unnecessary creasing and optimise the efficiency of the wash.

    General machine load guide for a 7kg Washing Machine

    Cottons – Maximum 6kg
    Minimum Iron – Maximum load 3-4kg
    Delicates – Maximum load 2.5kg
    Woollens – Maximum load 2.5kg
    Silks – Maximum load 1kg

    How Much Should I Put Into My Washing Machine?

    Guide showing you the correct amount to load into your washing machine.

    This is a basic guide for a run of the mill 7kg washing machine. If you are unsure you should consult the manual for your washing machine. These can easily be found on the manufactures websites.

    Under-loading your washing machine

    When buying a washing machine bigger isn’t always better. If you are currently looking to buy a washing machine why not check out our extensive range of new and refurbished washing machines, if you can find our machines cheaper else where we will beat the price!*We also have a post on why you should buy a refurbished washing machine. If you are unsure which size machine best suits you we have put together a rough guide in relation to washes per week you cna also ready our washing machine buyers guide here;

    Less than 4 washes a week - 5-6kg Washing machine
    Between 4 and 6 washes a week - 7kg Washing machine (the average)
    Between 6 and 10 washes a week - 8-10kg Washing machine
    Over 10 washes a week - 12kg+ Washing machine

    Unless your washing machine has a specific small loads program to choose from, under-loading your machine can be an extremely wasteful exercise. Your washing machine has no way of telling if you have loaded one T-shirt or fifty, they just run which ever program you select. If you load just one T-shirt into a 7kg machine for example, the machine will run the same amount of water as if it was to clean 28. This wastes huge amounts of water and electricity heating that wasted water.


  • How To Remove Wax From Clothes


    1. t shirt covered in waxLet the wax completely dry. I know it goes against everything you know about stain removal, Act quick, panic and pour white wine all over it? However, you will find it far easier to remove wax off of your clothing when it has completely cooled.
      1. If you’re in a hurry you can always pour ice cold water onto the wax to make it go back to its hard state
    2. scraping wax off cloths with a knifeScrape as much of the wax off as possible. With either a butter knife or even a spoon (safer option) start to scrape as much of the wax off as possible. Try not to push down to hard as you want to avoid damaging your clothes.
    3. soaking up the wax with tissueIroning out the wax. Get yourself an iron and some sort of absorbing paper. Kitchen paper,
      using the heat form the iron to get the tissue paper to soak up the wax This is what it will look like when the paper begins to absorb the wax

      blotting paper even some toilet paper will do the trick. You now want to sandwich your clothes with the wax stain in-between your absorbent paper of choice. Set your iron to a low temperature and slowly begin to melt the wax. What will happen here is, as the wax melts it will begin to transfer from your clothes and onto the paper. as shown in the picture on the right.

    4. soaking a t shirt in an oxygen-based stain remover
      Soaking in oxygen-based stain remover
      . This step only really needs to be done if you are unlucky enough to have a stain caused by a coloured wax candle. The dyes and oils used to give coloured wax its colour will be left behind. No need to panic, get yourself some oxygen based stain remover – costs between £4 - £7 on Amazon. Then just simply leave the garment to soak overnight.
    5. Final stage invlves washing the t shirt as you usually would do
      Washing Machine
      . Finally place the garment into the washing machine on the stetting you’d usually use. Make sure that you don't under load your washing machine as this may damage your washing machine. If the item is not machine washable you will find it relatively easy to remove the remainder of the stain by hand.
    6. How the t shirt looks once the wax has been removedFinished. Your wax stained clothes should look as good as new! Now you have to remember the next time you’re playing with hot wax is it worth going through all of this again?
  • Factors To Consider When Choosing A Washing Machine

    A washing machine is an important part of any house and is an appliance that gets used every day. Thanks to the invention of washing machines, wearing clean, fresh clothes has become easier than ever. NewLife Appliances large selection of branded washing machines is second to none and we are sure you will find what you are looking for. By consistently delivering high-quality appliances, we have built up a high quality reputation in the online retail sector.

    New washing machines

    To help make selecting a washing machine easier, we have noted below a few things that you must consider.

    # Consider your household needs
    The requirements of every household varies from each other and this plays an important part when buying a washing machine. Before you start browsing different washing machines produced by various brands, try and think about the amount of laundry your house makes on a daily basis. Once you have this information, take a look at our large range of new washing machines and choose the one that suits you the best.

    # Focus on drum size and spin speed
    When it comes to washing machines, the main distinguishing factor lies in the drum size and spin speed. At NewLife Appliances, we offer different washing machines based on drum size so even if you need to wash huge amounts of clothes daily, you are sure to find a washing machine catering to your specific requirements. Since our models are high-end, they usually come with a higher spin speed, which means better drying of clothes.

    # Select a trustworthy brand
    Just like any other purchase, brand plays an important role when choosing your new washing machine. From the luxury must-haves to the greatest bargains, we stock a large number of washing machines from all the top manufacturers. Our main brands include Samsung, Bosch, Beko, New World, Indesit, AEG, NEFF, Belling, Hotpoint, Miele, Fisher & Paykel, Whirlpool, Zanussi, and many more. The washing machines we offer feature all the latest upgrades in technology, such as ultra-fast spin speeds, multiple programmes and energy efficiency.

    At NewLife Appliances, we provide an array of brand new washing machines at affordable prices. If you have a question relating to our products, give us a call. If you want a good bargain, why not check out all our graded and refurbished washing machines.

  • Find Out Why Refurbished Electric Cookers Are Worth Buying

    At NewLife Appliances, we are committed to offering you a wide selection of pre-owned electric cookers to suit your needs, space and budget requirements. Our range of products include freestanding, built-in and integrated electric cookers. It is our aim to reduce the amount of appliances that end up in landfills whilst passing the savings onto you.

    Below are some of the reasons why purchasing our refurbished cookers is a worthy investment.

    # We offer branded electric cookers at low prices
    If you have always wanted to, but could not afford a Miele, a NEFF or a Zanussi electric cooker due to your financial constraints, purchasing pre-loved is the solution. We give you the opportunity to take home the brands that you love and trust at a price that suits your pocket.

    # Our products go through several quality checks
    NewLife Appliances is a name synonymous with trust and high-quality. Even if you are purchasing refurbished electric cookers from us, you can rest assured that it will be working as good as new. All of the cookers that we offer are PAT tested by our team of certified and experienced engineers. They thoroughly check the function of the cookers, along with the workings of all the buttons. Once the products have successfully passed all the tests, they are valeted so that they look and function like new both inside and out. If you purchase pre-owned electric cookers from us, you will have total assurance from our side that it will work fantastically.

    # We Provide A 12 Months Warranty
    Another wonderful reason to purchase rejuvenated or refurbished cookers from us is that we offer you a 1 year in-house warranty. So, you can rest assured that you have come to the right place and that your money is safe.

    So, do you need an electric cooker, but your budget is low? Check out our fabulous collection of pre-owned electric cookers. We are confident that you will find what you are looking for. You can place your order online and we guarantee a prompt delivery. If you require any more information, do not hesitate to give us a call. Our customer care executives will gladly answer any query that you have.

  • A little bit about Gorenje


    Everything you need to know about Gorenje.

    Gorenje’s origin can be traced back to 1950 to the Špeh blacksmith shop operating in the namesake village of Gorenje.  In March 1953 Ivan Atelšek joined the then small Gorenje and was appointed head of the company. Atelšek took Gorenje from a 10 man workshop manufacturing agricultural machinery into an award winning enterprise.


    It wasn’t until 1958 when Atelšek lead Gorenje into the white goods market with “Tobi” a solid fuel Stove.  Production of Tobi took the number of employees from 10 to 50 where they had to relocate to the nearby mining town of Velenje. Just three years later in 1961 they had their first order for export, 200 solid-fuel stoves for Germany.

    Gorenje Washing Machine


    First Washing Machines

    In 1964 Gorenje produced their first line of washing machines, the PS 270 and the PS 275. Over three years 10,886 of these were made. By 1970 the range of washing machines had grown to five and they were producing over 200,000 a year.



    Towards the end of the 1960s Gorenje had the cooking and cleaning part of the white goods market well covered, the only part left to tackle was cooling. In 1968 Gorenje started production of refrigerators. It was a huge success and by 1978 they’d sold over 3,000,000 units.


    In 1972 the company extended its network and opened its first foreign office in Munich, Germany.  By this point the workforce was an impressive 200,000+ people one of which was German designer Ciril Cesar.  Cesar was appointed head of the Gorenje Design Centre and helped drastically improve almost every aspect of Gorenje. With more aesthetically pleasing products and streamlined production the company began establishing a distribution and sales network in Western Europe (Germany, Austria, France, Denmark and Italy) and Australia.

    Gorenje retro fridge

    Between 1990 and the mid 2000’s the Gorenje’s Design Centre’s ethos started to develop into what makes them such a great company today. Their designs began to develop a lot more around cutting edge technologies and customer interactions.  This new design approach was the catalyst for what is now known today as the Gorenje Simplicity range.

    Gorenje simple

    Gorenje currently have five equally stunning design ranges which include three in house and two guest design ranges. The in house range consists of; Classic, Simplicity and Colour Collection. The first of the guest range is called Ora-ito.  Designed by world renowned French industrial designer Ito Moratbito. The second is the Karmin Rashid range that was created by none other than the Eygptian born designer Karmin Rashid.


    Gorenje are becoming quite a force in the white goods market, offering stunning design, robust build quality and sophisticated technologies.  Of course we are thrilled to be supplying Gorenje products, but we are proud to be offering them in traditional NewLife appliances style, cheaper than anywhere else online!



    Click here to view our range of Gorenje Kitchen Appliances







  • Tuesday Tip of The Week: How to Open a Jar with a Tight Lid



    How to Open a Jar with a Tight Lid

    It's never a nice feeling to have to ask for assistance to open a jar, especially when you've done all the hard work and loosened it for them!

    This trick is very simple and super effective. All you need to do is take an elastic band and wrap it around the top. (If it's loose then you just double it over) - The elastic band will give you a new found super human level of grip and allow you to open any jar that stands in your way!

  • Tuesday Tip of the Week: How to prevent bananas going from off


    how t keep bananas ripe

    How to Keep Bananas Ripe

    When buying bananas most people will go for the ones they deem to be at the perfect ripeness.  However, there is a draw back,  if you buy a large bunch you will only have a small window of 'banana perfect' before they become a bit too ripe. There is a very simple trick to keep your bananas in the perfect state of ripeness. Simply take a small piece of cling film and wrap it around the end, and viola, you're bananas will remain at that perfect ripe level for much longer!

  • What are graded kitchen appliances?

    Graded american fridge freezers

    What are graded Kitchen Appliances?

    Graded appliances, sometimes called B grade stock or factory seconds, are brand new appliances that have been returned to the original supplier or manufacturer. There are multiple reasons for appliances getting sent back to where they came from, the most common is because of cosmetic damage / imperfections to the appliance.

    cheap graded kitchen appliances

    Where do graded kitchen appliances come from?

    Let’s say a customer orders a fridge from a well-known online retailer. When the item is delivered they notice that the side has been dented.

    When a customer orders a brand spanking new fridge they expect just that. However, mistakes happen and occasionally items pick up small dents and scratches during the delivery process. Every customer is well within their rights to have a replacement sent out. In most cases they will usually have their replacement within 48 hours.

    When the customer receives their new replacement fridge the one with dented side is collected. The vast majority of retailers will not sell appliances with cosmetic imperfections, they are also unable to return them to the original manufacturers. This is where NewLife Appliances comes in.  These returned appliances are essentially brand new and unused, so to prevent them from unnecessarily ending up in a landfill (this actually used to happen!) we take them in. Every item is fully PAT tested by our team of trained engineers, signed off and given a 12 month warranty.  All appliances are then photographed multiple times where we very clearly point out any imperfections to the product before it is available online. As a rule of thumb, we say – If we wouldn’t have it in our own homes we wouldn’t sell it through NewLife.

    graded washing machines

    How much cheaper are graded kitchen appliances?

    This puts us in a very unique position in the online market. We label the products as Graded (New with Cosmetic Imperfections) and then massively undercut the Recommended Retail Prices. If you’re after even more of a bargain then take a look in our Sale Section of the NewLife Appliances website, you will often find Graded Kitchen Appliances (New with Cosmetic Imperfections) with up to 65% off of RRP.  The only drawback is that our stock is limited and sells very fast, to avoid disappointment you have to order fast!


    Any of the appliances that don’t make the cut, either from excessive cosmetic damage or mechanical failure are then sent to our spares and repairs department.  These parts will be used for us to supply refurbished kitchen appliances. If you're interested to know more about our refurbished kitchen appliances you should check out this post on everything you need to know about buy a refurbished washing machine. One thing that we are extremely proud of at NewLife Appliances is our contribution to helping create a circular economy and the way that we recycle and reuse weee.

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