AEG Washing Machines

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AEG are a highly reputable, high end brand that offer solid washing machines that are built to last for years. AEG Washing Machines also operate very queitly so there is no compromise, while also delivering high efficiency ratings, that often exceed the maximum of A+++. If you have the extra money or a flexible budget, then these Washing Machines are certainly one to consider.

At NewLife Appliances, we have a range of AEG washing machines to suit all kitchens, which have different drum sizes to suit all types of homes. We stock Freestanding AEG Washing Machines , as well as Integrated AEG Washing Machines.

We offer all our AEG Washing Machines in a variety of conditions that should allow for shorter budgets to reach greater heights when it comes to brand. We offer our range in: New, Graded (nearly new) and our very own Refurbished condition. Whichever way you go, you can be sure that the product is of the highest quality and that you get an excellent deal for the price you pay.

They are highly commended by the team here at NewLife Appliances. Please call us for more information if you have any questions or queries about a particular model.